Game Strategies and Unit Placement

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Game Strategies and Unit Placement

Post by MetallicWolf on Sun 12 May 2013 - 10:48

As you all know, our clan is working towards participating in more Clan Wars and Tournaments. With the creation of our new website, thanks to willing and patient players, we are now able to more effectively coordinate and plan for these events. As I have said in my last post thanking Levantine for his work on the server, a great fighting force needs great planning, and great logistics. This planning, combined with the incredible skills of our clan members, makes us this great fighting force. However, something is missing.
Have you ever began a pub match and noticed how everyone runs in different directions like headless chickens? There is clearly no plan or organization. We are Wolf Spiders, not headless chickens. So to avoid this, I have developed a plan that will make us an even more effective team.
I have started to compile strategies and calls that I have experienced throughout World of Tanks. These range from Tank Company calls, to light tank scouting routes. I have also been studying up on military tactics and unit placement from different armed forces and nationalities. With these, I hope that we can be more organized when going into combat. Look at a football team for example. Before starting a game, the team picks between a multitude of plays and runs that they feel might work best. Once they pick a play, they follow through. I hope we can do just this. With these collected strategies, we can decide which one seems best in the situation, and which one might lead us to victory. I plan to put these collected plays through their paces and see which ones work best. We can then practice them during clan training sessions. However, ideas from one source are almost always biased. So I need your help.
I am looking for your ideas. By having many different ideas from many different players (everyone has a different playing style), I am hoping that we can put together some plans for individual maps. If anyone has experienced a particularly good call, or seen any good ambush or scouting routes, feel free to comment so I can start tests. Also, please let me know what map you have seen this done on. If we can get at least three strategies for each map, we should be able to mold our fighting around this and fight in an organized manner. Headless chickens don't tend to live very long. (Neither do scouts.)
For example, "A good strategy for encounter battle on Himmelsdorf is to send half the heavy division up the hill, and half down tank ally to get behind any enemy going up hill. Then send your medium tanks and TDs to the cap. Have TDs stay in the train station (If on certain side.) and cover the mediums while they cap. If enemy starts falling back down hill towards cap, heavies in tank ally can stop them and the heavies going up hill can flank from behind, thus pinning the bulk of the force." Something like this is what I am looking for. Strategies like this will be filed and improved upon by myself and all of you. If the strategy seems good, I will test it and save it for whenever we are fighting on that map. Parts of strategies are also helpful. Small things like scouting paths and shooting positions can also be added to the main plan.
I hope you guys are willing to spend a little time, or look a little closer for good strategies. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. No idea will be denied and almost always be fit in with a main strategy. Again, I am looking for at least three plays for each map so leaders can pick what they think is best.
Thank you for your time and please consider helping our goal of becoming a great WoT fighting force.

This has been Diplomat MetallicWolf (aka Metal) signing off.

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