Rules of the clan!

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Rules of the clan!

Post by Levantine on Tue 2 Apr 2013 - 16:24

If you are here to report a clan member, please do so in the clan support forum. Thanks

We are a fairly relaxed and fun-loving group, so there is no need for strict adherence to military codes or orthodox conduct. The rules are simple, and easy to abide by. Punishment for a member is done on a case-by-case basis, with common sense and adult reasoning being the forces behind judgment.

No, you don't need to memorize these by heart or know which rule is what number - plain simply, just be cool, man.

  1. Be respectful and civil - use of derogatory names/insults/harassment/abuse, etc... will get you banned. This applies in-game, as well. If you are caught harassing or otherwise acting vulgarly, you will be banned. Remember, as a member and a potential member, you are a representative of our clan, so be respectful.

  2. We encourage participation, however at this time we have room for passive members. BUT, if you decide participate in Clan Wars (in the future), tourneys, and/or tank companies then you need to honor your commitment which includes training room time for practice. Even if you don't enter a tourney, please, still help in training with those that are.

  3. Do no post prohibited materials of any kind, such as pornography, pirated or other copyright infringed materials, and otherwise any illegal materials.

  4. Post in the correct section, if you cannot find the correct section, post in the forum help thread.

  5. Do not spam - this includes excessively bumping a topic beyond reasonable means.

  6. Do not troll, flame, or bait other members or pubs.

  7. Do not abuse the report system.

Pretty basic. So that's that, the hardest part's over. Now go out there, kill some tanks, grind some credits, post some funny stories to share, and be like water, my friend.

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