Test Server Account?

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Test Server Account?

Post by Masteroftoads on Wed 10 Apr 2013 - 22:54

I was recently on youtube to get some tipsa nd details on some of my tanks, how they battle, and what role they are most useful at. But something caught my attention, it was how much xp and credits they had and made in each battle, in a video they said it was the test server income. I did a little bit of looking into the test server and I thought about getting an account. I know there are some players in Wolf Spiders who have an account, and I need some more details and info. on the test server. Should i get a test server accnt, does it use a lot of computer memory, how hard is it to install(i remember installing this game and it took 4-6 hours to download javascript:emoticonp('Shocked')), and any other things i should know before i try it out.

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